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Which class is the RIGHT class for my dog? Come to your FREE First Consultation to gain insight into the different training methods available to you, and a chance to talk to an experienced trainer to help you select the program that best suits your goals! By far the most advantageous way for you to develop a plan that meets YOUR needs, and at no cost to you! Contact me now to schedule your FREE Consultation! Read More

I started training the first dog of my own when I was a teenager. I spent hours in the yard with my pup, and the bond we built is what led me down the path of becoming a trainer. At 9 months of age she developed hip dysplasia, around the time I was beginning college. I worked with her for months through multiple surgeries and physical therapy, and became so involved that it finally hit me: Working with dogs is my passion. I left the university to enroll in a world-renowned vocational school called The Tom Rose School, where I spent a year of intensive study attaining a Masters degree in Canine Training and Behavior. Read More

What better way to immortalize your best friend than to have an unique, original art piece made in their image? You can choose anything from a picture depicting just your pet or the two of you together to a special backdrop. I am non-partial, too – I will paint any species, and any breed; Equestrian, Aquatic, Avian, Reptilian, Feline, Canine – You name it! Read More

Why won’t you just BEHAVE?!”

The main reason you brought a dog into your life is to enjoy his company, but a lot is lost in translation! Dogs think and interpret the world differently than we do, and this can be incredibly frustrating for you without some experienced, skilled guidance. However, choosing a trainer can be tricky business. There are a few key questions to ask when selecting the right trainer for your pack:

“What kind of education does this trainer have?”
A trainer who actually completed formal schooling in the field is worth their weight in gold for building your relationship with your four legged friend. How else would a stranger be able to look at your specific situation and know what the best training method is for your unique pup? Reading what your dog is thinking requires a broad knowledge base, and even more skill still to teach you how to read your own dog.

“What has this person achieved with their own dogs?”
A trainer should be able to back their training method up with results. A trainer who competes in multiple sports with multiple dogs and receives high scores proves that their methods stick.

Your next step is meeting the potential trainer to discuss what programs and methods they recommend. Any trainer worth their salt will have multiple programs and methods to customize a program to your pup’s specific needs. Contact us to set up a meeting today! This first consultation is on us!

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